Somatic Psychology  (Somatics for short) approaches matters of the psyche through working with the body. Somatics is a holistic modality that involves the body instead of banishing it to the sidelines. In the paradigm of somatics we don't distinguish between "mind-body connection" we inherently accept that the two are integrated. Because the mind is a part of the body, the whole body tells the narrative of the psyche. 

I find somatic work is really powerful for PTSD, anxiety, depression, grief, addiction and shifting behaviors. Because children are still working on organizing words, they really respond to working somatically. 

There are different somatic modalities. Specifically,  I work with modalities which target the nervous system and are very successful with trauma and stress. I employ:  Somatic Experiencing which helps to unfreeze the nervous system caught in trauma. The Formative Approach (or the Emotional Anatomy) unwinds the nervous systems effect on the organization of our soft tissue itself.  Authentic Movement is a dance based form that really focuses on the healing power of movement. Mindfulness and yoga based meditation and breath work. I also incorporate behavioral shifts through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as well as talk therapy. 

I work with children, adults and families. I view my role as participating in a creative process in which the client is empowered to find the keys that unlock the nervous system and body; providing freedom and choice in the individual's life. 

For more information on scheduling a session VIA SKYPE OR IN MY OFFICE, please contact me at 805-450-4078. Or write me a note here