Hamstring Bundle & The Deep Back Line

Dear Sweet Community,

Alignment Tip of The Week: 

This past week we wooed the hamstring bundle and the deep back line of the body. When stretching your hamstrings lying down, always make sure that the hip is moving away from the same shoulder and plugging into the earth. This will insure that the insertion of the hamstring by your sits bones will not tear. When standing, remember to keep that same alignment, hips level This will insure that you use the inner line of your legs which will support the insertions and attachment points of the hamstring. 
Also, keep your weight on your toes in forward bending; to protect the insertion of the hamstring. And remember to keep a soft knee so that you don't over stretch/stress the attachment of the hamstring around the knee. Breath into your spend and that will stretch the back line-keep the integrity of the whole body :)
Happy upcoming mother's day!! I am teaching a free class at ATHLETA on Sunday, May 13th, @ 9:30am @ Athleta on Filmore and California. There will be a light brunch afterwards. Lets celebrate motherhood with yoga!
Upcoming Workshops: 

Flow 101 on July 7th at Yoga Tree Valencia
Upcoming Retreat: 

Listed below is Niav and my retreat to Mexico which I am really excited about!! This is an opportunity for me to go deeper into the practice with you, and for you to ask and discover the questions you can't address in class. I love this aspect of retreats! This retreat will be a time of submersing ourselves in the sun, our asana practice, extensive meditation, clearing the energetic body and rejuvenating the spirit. We are extending the early registration rate to Thursday, May 10th, so make sure you sign up before then to receive the discounted rate! (If it is hard to read the flier, just double click on it and you will get an image with a magnifying glass). Any question, please let me know...

I look forward to seeing you all on the mat,

Sweet Day,